Fearie Tales

Real Faeries are Real Scary!
When Sweetbryar received a gift of maple 9x12s, she was perplexed as to how to best use them. But soon her creative process supplied the answer, and the first of her Fearie Tales was painted – Dorothy holding Toto, as flying monkeys annoy her with their attentions. The effect of the wood showing through was so striking that it became a primary feature of the series. Soon, Red Riding Hood was traversing the forest, Rumplestiltskin was stamping through a parquet floor, and a wooden-faced Alice was contemplating Eat Me cakes, along with other familiar heroines of childhood folklore.

The stories, of course, hold real meaning for all people of all ages, and everyone has a favorite. Look around and find yours…

All Fearie Tales are available as archival giclee prints, 11″x14″, unframed – $150. 4″x5″, unframed – $25.