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The artist Sweetbryar has gone to the great Mystery – her smile, her work, her laughter, and her teaching remains with us always. Wake up every day, and ask yourself, “What can I do to make the world a better place?” to keep her spirit close.

St Honore

St. Honore

A message from the artist, Sweetbryar Ludwig

Inspired by The Great British Baking Show and its Silver Fox, Paul Hollywood—my husband Robin the Hammer and I, after 50 years of marriage, started baking together. With the world so tumultuous, and the pandemic forcing folks to stay home, I painted St. Honore, the Patron Saint of Baking, to watch over and help insure that everyone’s culinary endeavors rise to fruition.

St. Honore is the patron saint of bakers. When he was Bishop of Amiens in the 6th Century, he called everyone’s spirit to rise. After he went to The Great Pie in the Sky, it is said processions in his honor stopped droughts and deluges, ensuring a good wheat harvest, proving the potency of flour power.  In the 17th Century, the French Bakers Guild honored him with the distinction of Patron Saint, so here he is, to ensure all your baking proves true!

Ready to frame and watch over your kitchen kapers, St. Honore is painted in acrylic on a 5” x 7” wooden panel. Scanned to create 5” x 6 & 1/4” giclee prints on acid free paper, with archival inks. This unlimited edition is available for $25, which includes S&H. And because we believe our very world is in need of emotional nourishment, and in particular, we want to set a place for all our brothers and sisters at all of our tables, 25% of sales from St. Honore proceeds will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.


Robin and Sweetbryar

New Print Series

The Royal Court

All of these musicians have played such an important role in my life and soul. These prints are available to you for $25.oo each with 25% going to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Know, Black Lives Matter!!


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photo by birdmachinebird

About Sweetbryar

Art has always been part of my life. I was influenced by my extremely talented older brother who brought the world of museums and culture into my consciousness. Art education began in 1962 at the Brooklyn Museum art school. Soon after, I began spending time in Woodstock and knew I was committed to the creative life. In 1966 I moved to San Francisco and attended the San Francisco Art Institute. Around this time my love of letters began to take concrete form, and I started using ornate capitals and Illuminations in my graphic work and personal correspondence.

By the late 70’s I had begun taking classes at School of Visual Arts, and was working as an airbrush artist for such iconic names as Lotus Shop and Miracle Craft among others, all while running a band and raising a child. Graduating with a BFA in 1980, I set up my own business, Sweetbryar Calligraphics. Over a more than twenty year span my clients included the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fordham University, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Warner Records, United Airlines, American Film Institute, Judith Leiber and many other familiar names.

My work has appeared on screen in Tim Burton’s “Sleepy Hollow” (the journal of Ichabod Crane), on TV–Sex In the City, Days of the Week, on PBS, even in an LL-Cool J video. I have designed corporate logos and emblems, including Billy Idol’s Cyber Corps logo.